Duaa Nur

Duaa Nur

This Duah will ensure that you will always be healthy, no balaa will fall upon you, should one go on Jihad/War, he will return home uninjured, the person who recites this duah will not go through difficulties, and when he goes on travels, he will return home safely. Do not expect that this duah to be a benefit to you when you do not like “to wet your hands and feet”.

Allah hoema sallie alaa sayyiedienaa Muhamadien wa ala alliehie wa saghbiehie wa sallam. Biesmielaahien noer noeroen alaa noer. Algamdoe liellaahiel athzie golakan noerra wa anzalat towraata ala jabaaliettoer fie kietaabien mastoer. Algamdoe lielllaahiel athziem biel ghienaa ie maskoer wabiel iezzatie wal jalaalie mashhoor, wa alas soraa ie was soraa ie mash koor, wal gamdoe liellaahiel athzie golakas samaa waatie wal arda waja althz thzoeloe maa tie wannoer thoem mal lathziena kaffaroe bierabbiehiem yaa de loen kaaf haa yaa ein sad gaa miem ein sien kaf eeyaka na boedoe wa ieyyaa kanaska ien yaa gayyoe yaa qayyoem. Allahoe latiefoen bie iebaadienie yar zoekoe mayya shaa oe wahoewal kawieyoel azaaz yaa kaafie koella shayien iekfienie wasrief annie kolla shayien bieyaadielkal gayr iennaka alaa koellie shayien qadier.

in the name of Allah, the light,
in the name of Allah, the light, the light,
in the name of Allah, the light over light,
in the name of Allah, who is He who manages all affairs,
In the. name of Allah who created light from light.
Praise be to Allah who created light from light, and sent down light on the mountain (Tur), in between the inscribed book, in the parchment unrolled, by a
measure, well-determined, on the (Holy) Prophet, the giver of glad tidings.
Praise be to Allah; it is He who is remembered with the highest of the high attributes, who is known to be the most glorious.
In joy and happiness, in sorrow and distress, He (alone) is thankfully praised.
Blessings of Allah be on our master, Muhammad, and on his pure children.

All thanks and praise is due to Allah (SWT), Creator of the Worlds and may Allah put Salawaat on our Nabie SAW. One day while the Nabie (SAW) was sitting in the Masjid in Madina, the Angel Jibreel (AS) came to him with a message that Allah (SWT) sends salaam and this Duah (NUR) as a gift to the Nabie’s (SAW) Ummah. No other prophet had received this for their ummahs before this. The Duah can be recited or carried on a person. It will ensure pleasantness and good health on the Doenya, the person will die with Islam and Emaan should he recite it always, and the reciter’s face will shine like a full moon and the people will ask one another whether that person with the bright face a Nabie is or a Wallie and then Allah (SWT) will let them hear that person is not a Nabie or Wallie but an ummat of Nabie Mogamad rasoeloellahie salalahoe alayhie wasallam who has always recited Duah Nur.

This Duah must be spread to the entire ummah, do not hide it. Those who do not spread this among the people will not get the shafaa of our Nabie (SAW) on the day of Qiyaamah. Those who are fond of reciting this Duah will be blessed with the Barakah in his/her life and will never need to beg.

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