Garlic Parsley Roll

Garlic Parsley Roll

2 large eggs
40gr margarine
450ml lukewarm water
10ml sugar
10ml instant yeast
10ml crushed garlic paste
700gr cake flour
2ml salt

10ml crushed garlic paste
200gr margarine/ butter
100ml parsley, finely chopped
10ml paprika for sprinkling
Sesame seeds for sprinkling

Beat the eggs, margarine, water, garlic, sugar and salt well together.
Mix the yeast with the flour and blend well. Add egg mixture to form a soft sough.
If dough is too wet, sprinkle with flour and knead well. Knead dough till soft and smooth for about 15min.
Place dough in well-greased bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Leave to rise in a warm place until double in bulk ( 1hr)
Roll into long sausage and cut into 24 even sized pieces. Roll pieces into round balls and dip into topping.
Place into a large springform pan. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and paprika. Cover with plastic bag and leave to rise for 20-30min.
Bake at 180*C for 30min till golden. Delicious served with hot soup.

Topping: Melt butter, garlic and parsley together.

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