Ginger Nuts

Ginger Nuts

Just like grandma use to bake it. Crunchy, Crispy and Cracked to perfection

230g butter/ margarine

200g sugar

250ml golden syrup

50ml ground ginger

10ml bicarb

12,5ml milk

525g cake flour


Preheat oven to 180*C and spray and cook a baking sheet

Mix butter, sugar, golden syrup and ginger together
Mix bicarb with milk and stir into butter mixture
Add flour and mix thoroughly
Roll dough into small balls and place them apart on the baking sheet. Do not flatten balls
Bake biscuits for 12-15min or until golden brown. Remove from oven and loosen from baking sheet.
If a very crunchy biscuit is required, place in warm oven that has been switched off to harden further.

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