Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee

Perfect Iced Coffee

Four methods to make really great iced Coffee

Quick Way
Make your coffee double strength, using 1 Standard Measure (2 level tablespoons) of coffee to each 3 ounces of fresh, cold water. Pour over iced cubes. The extra strength hot coffee compensates for the melting ice.

Pre-cooled Way
Brew your coffee the regular way using 1 Standard Measure of coffee to each 6-ounce cup of fresh, cold water. Cool in a tightly covered non-metal container, no more than 3 hours.

Coffee Cube way
Freeze freshly-brewed regular strength coffee into coffee cubes in the ice tray. Use instead of plain ice cubes, pouring hot, freshly-brewed regular coffee over them.

Instant Way
Mix about twice the usual amount of instant coffee, according to taste, with a little water in each tall glass (this is based on 12-oz. “cooler-type” glasses). Then add ice cubes and fill with cold water.

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