Beauty of Eid

Beauty of Eid

Every Muslim loves the day of Eid. For a moment let us explore why Eid is such a joyous and special occasion.

1. Sadaqatul Fitr

Muslims are commanded to spend on the less fortunate prior to the Eid Salaah as a token of gratitude to Allah for all that He provides. Sadaqatul Fitr is a special gift to the poor allowing them to enjoy Eid as well. It seeks to build a community by breaking the barriers between rich and poor. By relieving the suffering of the less fortunate one feels an inner contentment.

2. Eid Salaah

Allah has prescribed a special prayer on the day of Eid which is characterized by a number of unique features. There is no Azaan and Iqaamah. There are a number of extra takbeers which are recited. A khutbah follows the Salaah. This uniqueness and the fact that the day begins with a prayer teaches Muslims an important lesson : Even the days of celebration in Islam are linked to worship. Unlike other nations and cultures Islam does not celebrate with music, dancing, liquor and frivolous entertainment. The spirit of Islamic celebration is filled with worship love, serenity and spirituality. Eid Salaah is a reminder to Muslims that although the compulsory fasting has ended but the relationship with Allah can never end. This is a link and bond based on love and obedience to the beloved.

3. A few thoughts on the Day of Eid

When we and our children wear new clothes and shoes on Eid morning, let us think of the thousands of Muslim children who are wearing filthy and torn rags.

When we enjoy the tasty treats and delicacies of Eid, let us spare a thought for the millions of Muslims who will have bread crumbs.

Appreciate freedom on the day of Eid. Spare a thought for the thousands of Muslims languishing under unspeakable conditions in prisons all over the world.

When we walk to the Eidgaah remember that there are other Muslims who are walking to the battlefield to defend the deen of Islam.

Spare a few quiet moments on this Day of Eid to make Dua for our innocent brothers and sisters who are being tortured all over the world for no crime other than the fact that they are bearers of the kalimah Laa Ilaaha illallaah Muhammadur Rasoolullah.

Filled with such thoughts and duas can we really justify going to un-Islamic places. Apart from the shameless dressing, fashion parading, intermingling of the sexes, music and pride which comes with this there is a serious misrepresentation of the auspicious day of Eid to the non-Muslims. May Allah grant us the ability of using the day in conformance with the teachings of Islam. True joy and contentment is only in remaining within the bounds of Islam. Celebrating in ways which are alien to Islam only brings disgrace.
4. Sunnats of Eid

Make this a checklist for Eid Morning :

– Awake very early in the morning
– Use a miswaak
– Have a bath
– Dress in one’s best available clothes ensuring that it conforms with Shariah
– Use itr
– Eat a sweet dish (preferably dates before the Eid Salaah)
– Go early to the Eid Salaah
– Discharge Sadaqatul Fitr before going to the Eid Salaah
– Offer the Eid Salaah at the Eidgaah / Musallah
– Return from the Eid Salaah taking a route that is different from the one that was taken when going
– Go to the Eid Salaah on foot. However, there is no harm in using any means of conveyance if the Eid Musallah is a distance away
– Recite the following takbeer in a low voice while proceeding for the Eid prayer :
Allaahu Akbar Allaahu Akbar. Laa ilaaha illallahu Wallaahu Akbar Allaahu Akbar Walilaahil Hamd.

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