Lemon Veggie Rice

Lemon Veggie Rice


500ml white rice

300ml mixed vegetables, steamed

30ml oil

10ml mustard seeds

1 lemon

12 curry leaves

40ml lemon juice


Boil rice in salted water until soft. Drain. Mix in mixed vegetables. Using a vegetable peeler, slice off the peel of the entire lemon peel (without the pith). Squeeze juice out for the rice. Place oil, seeds, curry leaves and lemon peel in a pot. Over medium heat cook the mixture until seeds splatter and fragrances of peel and curry leaves are released. The peel will turn golden brown on the edges. Once seeds stop splattering, add to rice with lemon juice and mix through thoroughly. Taste for salt or if more lemon juice needs to be added. Stir and leave to steam for spice to fuse with rice.

Variation: Omit vegetables.

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