A traditional milk drink to serve on Eid morning


60ml sago

30ml semolina/Taystee Wheat

30ml fine vermicelli

2 cardamom pods

3 pieces stick cinnamon

100g butter

2litres milk

5ml egg yellow or a few saffron strands

180ml sugar (or to taste) or ½ tin condensed milk

125ml crushed or slivered almonds

60ml coarsely chopped pistachios

60ml charoli nuts (optional)

250ml fresh cream (optional)

Over medium heat, braise sago, semolina, vermicelli, cardamom and stick cinnamon until semolina turns pink. (Take care not to burn.) Add butter and braise for a further 2-3mins. Add milk, egg yellow/ saffron, sugar and nuts. Cook until vermicelli has softened and mixture is creamy. Stir at regular intervals. If a more creamy texture is required, add fresh cream and bring to a slow boil. Pour into fancy cup and serve hot. For thinner consistency, add more milk and bring to slow boil.

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