Quiche Pastry

Quiche Pastry

500ml cake flour

80ml finely grated cheese

125ml cold butter, chopped into squares

2ml salt

5ml baking powder

80ml ice water


Spray and Cook a desired quiche tin well.

Place flour, salt, baking powder and cheese and butter into a food processor and process until the mixture has formed rough crumbs (do not over-process as the dough will become sticky.
While the motor is running, add enough iced water to form a soft dough. Remove and knead lightly.
Wrap dough in cling wrap and place in the fridge for 30min
Roll dough out lightly and line a desired quiche tin with the pastry.
Prick the base and both sides and line the pastry with a sheet of baking paper. Fill the tin with dried beans.
Bake at 190*C for 5min., then remove the paper and beans and bake for further 5-10min until golden brown.
Use desired filling in the pastry

45ml cooking oil

6 onions, sliced very finely

2 chillies, chopped finely

125ml brown sugar

30ml vinegar

110ml water

salt to taste

10ml peri peri

10ml fine garlic paste

100ml grated cheese for topping


Heat oil in a pan. Add onions and chillies. Sauté until soft and glossy.
Reduce heat, cover with lid and allow to cook gently for a further 15min (onion must be soft and have a tan colour
Add the sugar and stir until dissolved.
Add remaining ingredients, cover again, then simmer until very soft for about 10-20min.Remove lid an cool over fairly high heat for about 10min to caramelize.
Place filling into the quiche base and top with cheese. Place in hot oven. Cool down. Cut into slices and serve hot.

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