Soft Spicy Koeksister

Soft Spicy Koeksister

4 potatoes (medium size)

4 cups cake flour

5ml salt

5ml ground nutmeg

15ml ground cinnamon

10ml ground ginger

15ml whole aniseed

5ml fine aniseed

60ml sugar

1pkt instant dry yeast

30ml butter

250ml warm milk

60ml oil

2 eggs, beaten

coconut for dipping

oil for deep frying


Boil potatoes and mash while still hot. Potatoes must be soft and smooth.
Sift flour with salt, spices and sugar. Sprinkle over yeast and mix through.
Melt butter. Add milk, oil and beaten eggs. Mix well and add to potatoes.
Make well in center of flour and add warm milk mixture. Mix into a soft dough.
Place on working surface and knead into soft, smooth and elastic like dough. Knead for about 15min.
Place in a lightly oiled bowl. Lightly oil top of dough and cover with plastic wrap.
Place in a warm place to double in size.
On a lightly oiled surface, roll dough into a sausage. Cut into equal size portions and shape like a koeksister.
Leave on a greased table to double in size for about 15min.
Fry in heated oil until golden in colour on both sides. Lift koeksister gently and reshape if needed. Drain on wire rack and allow to cool.
Take care that the oil is moderately hot in order for koeksister not to absorb oil.
Dip koeksister in sugar syrup over low heat. Roll in coconut.
HINT***Koeksister can be frozen for up to 3months before syrupping. Thaw at room
temperature and sugar as normal.


2½ cups sugar

2 cups water

Allow to simmer over low heat until syrupy.

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