Wholenut Cake

Wholenut Cake


250ml cake flour

15ml baking powder

250g butter/ margarine

125ml sugar

200g plain chocolate

large eggs
30ml milk
10ml vanilla essence


250ml sugar

250ml water


200g wholenut chocolate

100g plain chocolate

– Sift cake flour and baking powder well together.
– Melt bitter, sugar and chocolate over low heat and let it cool down.
– Beat eggs and stir in cooled chocolate.
– Mix in milk and vanilla essence and blend well.
– Fold in flour to form a batter. Pour into prepared round savarin mould.
– Bake at 180*C for 40-45min till done.

Heat sugar and water. Boil together till forms a dissolved sugar syrup. Cool down completely. Pour over cake while cake is warm.


Melt 2 chocolates together over low heat. Place cake on serving dish and pour chocolate over. Arrange extra nuts if required.

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