Rotis – Fried unevened indian flat bread

Rotis – Fried unevened indian flat bread

2½ cups flour

3Tbs melted butter

salt to taste

1cup boiling water

2Tbs milk

¼ lb butter to rub onto large roti

Pour boiling water and milk over flour. Let cool slightly. Add butter and salt. Mix well.
Knead into a soft dough.
Cover with a clean cloth and keep for at least and hour before rolling.
Roll out as follow:

Roll out complete ball of dough into a big roti.
Spread with butter and sprinkle with flour.
Roll up like a large swiss roll.
Squeeze dough with hands to distribute butter.
Cut into pieces of desired size and pinch cut sides so that butter does not show and thus not ooze out when baking. Let balls rest for 10min.
Roll out on a floured surface to approx. 6mm thick. Put onto hot griddle and turn over several times until lightly freckled.
Brush with melted butter in between turning.

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