Stacked Salad

Stacked Salad

A combination of greens stacked to perfection


1bag packaged lettuce greens

2 ripe, but firm tomatoes

1 onion, peeled and cut into rings

½ cucumber, sliced

1 punnet, sweet corn spears


30ml vinegar

5ml crushed garlic

salt and coarsely ground black pepper to taste

100ml sunflower or olive oil

15ml finely chopped parsley

5ml crushed chillies

Combine all ingredients and whisk well.

To assemble

Use an empty tuna or condensed milk tin. Clean and cut out the bottom so that there is an opening on either side. Place the tin on the plate where you want the salad to be. Now stack the salad ingredients layer by layer. Steam sweetcorn spears and keep aside. Remove the tin gently. Place sweetcorn on top. Just before serving drizzle with salad dressing. If the salad is to be served immediately, then drizzle each layer with a little salad dressing. Leftover salad dressing can be refrigerated for later use.

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