1kg pastry – cut into two

2cups coconut

1cup sugar

30ml cardamom

¾cup water

Mix the four ingredients together and boil until cooked. Lastly add ½ pkt. Dates and

50g chopped pecan nuts. Mix well.


Apricot jam mixed with a little water, heated

Chopped pecan nuts

– Roll pastry into a square. Place on one of the edges a strip of coconut mixture. Roll over like a sausage.
– Cut a 6cm border, extra, from the edge of the coconut roll/ sausage. Slit the pastry border like French fries. Twist the pastry strips .
– Roll pastry (coconut) roll onto the strips. Take care to roll pastry gently and carefully onto strips to ensure a tidy finish. Neaten.
– Cut coconut roll into 5cm lengths/ as required. Pat to neaten.
– Continue the above procedure until all filling/ pastry has been used.
– Brush with egg wash and bake at 200*C for 15min. Bake for a further 10min at 180*C or until golden brown. Cool slightly.
– Brush with heated jam and sprinkle with nuts.

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