Mutton Brinjal Curry

Mutton Brinjal Curry

This is a Malaysian dish

500g mutton pieces

3medium brinjals

15ml poppy seeds

5ml barishap

15ml koljana powder

5ml crushed black peppercorns

5ml turmeric powder

20ml garlic and ginger paste

3medium onions, sliced finely

60ml margarine

3 curry leaves

3 whole cloves

3 pieces stick cinnamon

500ml coconut milk (±1 tin)

20ml lemon juice

3 whole green chillies
salt to taste


Cut meat into cubes, wash and drain.
Heat margarine and fry onions till golden. Add ginger and garlic and fry for 3min.
Meanwhile blend all spices as well as poppy seeds in a blender adding 100ml of water. Add to ginger and garlic and fry for a further 5min.
Place meat in pot, adding curry leaves, cloves, cinnamon and lemon juice. Cook on moderate heat for 35-40min stirring often.
Remove stems from brinjals, wipe with a clean cloth and cut in halves lengthwise, then cut into fingers. Sprinkle with salt and allow to stand for 10min to draw bitter juices.
Rinse brinjal, wipe and add to pot, cooking till the meat is tender.
Add coconut milk and leave to simmer for 10-15min until sauce thickens slightly. Season with salt.
Spoon into dish and serve with coconut rice and poppadums.

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