Chicken Jalfrezi (jalfarajee)

Chicken Jalfrezi (jalfarajee)

This is a sautéed creamy spicy creation. This recipe is based on traditional Indian style. Chicken may be substituted with meat. The
secret to this recipe is the special care in the sauté of the onions and the spices.
1kg chicken pieces, cut into small pieces
2 medium onions, finely sliced
60ml butter/margarine
250ml yoghurt
3 medium tomatoes, liquidized
5ml sugar, optional
salt as required
10ml turmeric
10ml cumin powder
5ml chili powder
5ml coriander powder
15m paprika
10ml garam masala
30ml fresh garlic and ginger paste

20ml tomato chutney or tomato sauce
3 whole green chillies
10ml fenugreek leaves or fresh dhunia, chopped
vegetables of choice, steamed separately. Then added.
8 small potatoes, steamed. Then added.

Melt butter in large pot. Add onion. Stir fry till golden, taking care not to burn onion. Add ¾ cup water. Lower heat. Place a piece of
greaseproof paper over pot. Then place the pot lid over paper. Steam till onions a soft and pulpy. Meanwhile mix spice with 250ml of
water to make a soft paste. Add to onions and cook for 5-10min. until well blended, stirring often. Add tomatoes, sugar and more water
and simmer for 20min. Add water more water as required to prevent the curry from drying out. Stir in yoghurt and cook for 3min. Add
chicken and keep simmering till chicken is done. Do not overcook chicken. Add optional ingredients.
Serve with chapattis, plain rice and raita.

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